How to Start a Solar Energy Business (cost effectively)

We are at the dawn of a solar revolution in the United States.
Every aspect of the solar industry is experiencing explosive growth. Triple
digit expansion in solar photovoltaic cell manufacturing, to the need for solar
sales associates, to the huge demand for solar system installers. Opportunities
abound everywhere.

The renting of a solar energy system for your home is a new,
attractive twist to the idea of switching to renewable energy. With the adoption
of a leasing or rental model for residential solar electric systems, an average
homeowner can now go green at home as well as build a part-time, solar energy
business. The following article outlines the step by step requirements needed to
start solar energy business cost effectively.

Step 1 – Understanding
the Solar Energy Business

Environmental entrepreneurs are charged with connecting with
homeowners, educating them related to their alternative energy options, and providing
them with the option to rent a solar electric system. By starting a solar
energy business, a person becomes a solar energy consultant, making it possible
for homeowners to adopt solar (PV) technology in a simple, investment-free way.
No other solar rental program makes it so easy.

This type of renewable energy business entails no up-front fees to get
involved but there are time investments related to educating yourself and in
turn educating the American homeowner about residential solar electric systems.
The rental of solar equipment is just getting started with much adoption and
growth expected. Solar energy is now cost competitive with the utility prices and
homeowners no longer have to make an upfront investment to switch to solar
power. They can simply rent a system and perhaps build a solar energy business
on the side.

To start a solar energy business, a person does not need to be a college
graduate or a seasoned sales executive. All that is needed is the desire to
make a difference and share the belief with others that solar power will make
that difference.

Step 2 – Structuring
of Your Solar Business

As a solar energy consultant, you are trained and supported by an experienced sales
manager. The sales manager will support you in your initial days of solar
energy industry education, sales cycle management, and how to effectively use
the free sales tools. As you progress and begin to desire more responsibility,
you can become a sales manager yourself by beginning to build your own
marketing team.

Step 3 – Registering
and Completing the Solar Energy Training

Registering online is just the first step to working towards managing your own solar energy
business. Training is the second required step in the process. This small
business opportunity demands detailed knowledge of the solar energy industry.

You do not need to become an electrician or solar energy
system installer but you should work to understand the difference between
fossil fuels and renewable fuels, to understand how the electricity grid works,
and to understand how residential solar energy works. You must be properly
trained in solar energy topics and related technology so that you have the confidence
to pass on this knowledge.

Training tools are available to assist you with the required
testing. Training tools, testing, and ongoing support is all free. It is also
important to continually build your knowledge of the renewable energy industry.
This solar energy business requires no investment on your part but it does stress
training and the use of training tools because accurate knowledge breaks down

Step 4 – Receiving
Solar Energy Business Support

This solar energy business is centered upon ongoing support
and growth. It is necessary for solar energy consultants to process solar
system sales or referrals. There are free sales cycle management (CRM) tools
included with this business opportunity. The sales aids make it very simple to
complete the processing and help homeowners to rental a solar energy system.

These tools are provided to help build your solar energy

The solar energy business explained here has a great mission.
Its grassroots goal is to spread the use of clean, renewable solar electric
power as simply and as rapidly as possible. This opportunity has eliminated as
many obstacles as possible to both the rental of solar electric systems for
home owners as well as to entrepreneurs wishing to start a solar energy

The overall job of a solar energy consultant is to become
ambassadors for positive change in the World of renewable solar energy. Solar energy is vital to the U.S. economy, energy security, and
the environment. There is a simple choice to do the right thing. By helping America to
rethink solar electric power, you can start your own solar energy business in a
very cost effective way.